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Fun Facts About Bras and Breasts

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Fun Facts About Bras and Breasts

  1. The average bra size is now a 14DD. Breasts are growing and increasingly desired to be bigger.
  2. The first sports bra was made from 2 jockstraps in the 1970’s. It’s amazing to think about what a long way we’ve come!
  3. Currently, the world’s most expensive bra is the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra, worth $15 million.
  4. On average, the left breast tends to be bigger.
  5. When they were first invented, the bra was referred to as the ‘brassiere’, which means support.
  6. Bras were first given cup sizes in the 1920’s, at least 6 years after its invention in 1914.
  7. Vogue first printed the word ‘brassiere’ in 1907.
  8. Women threatened to burn their bras because they believed bras were ‘instruments of female torture’, however police enforcements wouldn’t let them.
  9. Prior to the 1920’s, bras were designed to de-emphasize breasts.
  10. The world’s largest breast augmentation is a 38KKK, equivalent to a 16KKK.

Looking back over a few of these facts, it’s incredible to consider all the advancements that have been made in bra developments. Women are so fortunate to have the freedom to make the choices they want, and have bras that will support them.

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